Siri iPhone 4S Used By 87% Of Owners Each Month

By  at Tuesday, March 27, 2012  

Siri is the revolutionary virtual personal assistant from Apple. Exclusive only to the iPhone 4S, it remains till now one of the major selling points for Apple's latest smartphone. A new study reveals that 87% of iPhone 4S owners use Siri each month. However not every function of Siri is utilized by these owners.

Apple has made Siri exclusive to only the iPhone 4S. There are way available to port Siri on iPhone 4 as well as other iOS devices, but these statistics only account for iPhone 4S owners. This survey, conducted by Parks Associates, reveals that over 9% of iPhone 4S owners are actually unsatisfied with Siri, which currently happens to be in Beta.
Making phone calls and sending text-messages are the most popular activities, according to the report, a sign that Siri usage is mirroring how people use their phones more generally. Roughly a third of 4S owners use Siri to place phone calls, send text messages, or look up information daily or almost daily.  
Many other Siri services are getting little pickup, however. They include playing music and scheduling meetings. Thirty-two and 35% of 4S users, respectively, said they had never used Siri to perform those actions. Those categories also had some of the lowest percentage of users that did either daily or almost daily.
With each passing day, Apple continues to improve Siri. Recently with iOS 5.1 firmware release, they added Japanese language support to Siri. It has also been said that ESPN integration will be added for sports related inquiries. The fact remains however, Siri is an amazing service and it is here to stay.

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