Run iPhone Apps On iPad 3 Retina Display Without Any Tweaks

By  at Wednesday, March 21, 2012  

How to run iPhone apps on iPad 3 Retina Display without any tweaks?The iTunes App Store is the only mobile application stores that houses the most number of apps. No other application sale portal of any mobile platform has the same number of apps. However not all apps in Apple's App Store are natively compatible with the iPad. However iPhone apps can be run on the iPad, but the resolution wasn't impressive. Nevertheless, users can now run iPhone apps on New iPad Retina Display quality, as Apple's third generation tablet fully supports it.

Popular jailbreak tweak developer Ryan Petrich was the first one to bring this compatibility by means of a jailbreak tweak called RetinaPad. However since the display on iPad 2 wasn't a Retina Display, there wasn't much difference in terms of resolution. With support added by default on the New iPad, running iPhone apps on the iPad won't compromise the resolution at all, even if it's on 2x mode, as depicted in the image above.

Macrumors notes the obvious fact that despite issues of resolution being resolved, the user experience issue still exists. On the flip side, the default support on New iPad actually happen to be a good thing, as there is no need whatsoever left to install a jailbreak tweak just to get optimal resolution.

The reader should keep in mind that Cut The Rope HD for iPad has still not been updated with support the New iPad Retina Display. Even without that update, the image above evidently shows that the Retina Display on New iPad is definitely a huge technological advancement, at least in the tablet market. Also, did you know that the Retina Display on New iPad is less harmful to eyes?

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