iPad 3 Weak Wi-Fi Problem

By  at Wednesday, March 21, 2012  

It hasn't been a full week since the New iPad (unofficially called iPad 3) started shipping and being sold at retail stores. Majority of users are already complaining about various issues. The latest issue that a large group of users are facing is weak Wi-Fi reception on their New iPad units. It's unclear as of now whether this is a software based issue or a hardware based one.

Apple revealed only yesterday that the New iPad is it's fastest selling iPad to date. The company revealed figures that claim 3 million units were sold during the first weekend in the 10 initial launch countries. With the device being available in an additional 24 countries starting March 23rd, the sales figures as bound to sky rocket. Regardless of the petty issues surfacing at this point in time, they seem to pose no direct threat to sales around the globe.

It should be kept in mind that a similar issue was reported when Apple launched the original iPad back in 2010. The issue was fixed through means of a software update and Apple claimed that only a few iPad users had actually suffered from the issue, which was blown way out of proportion.

This time around, New iPad users have taken to the Apple Support Communities and are posting their Wi-Fi reception issues in a thread. As previously mentioned, it is unclear as of now whether this issue is hardware or software based. Apple is yet to comment on this issue. Posters on the thread do seem to have some genuine concerns. Let's wait and see what Apple has to say about it.

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