iPad 3 Heats Up More Than iPad 2, Thermal Imaging Tests Confirm

By  at Wednesday, March 21, 2012  

As the New iPad 3 makes it's way in to the hands of millions of people around the world, the pros and cons of this device are being discovered in real time. Recently many users have complained that their New iPad heats up more than their iPad 2 does. This has been proven true through a thermal imaging test. The New iPad does indeed heat up more than it's predecessor.

The New iPad started shipping and retailing at stores on March 16. Ever since then, Apple has sold over 3 million units in the initial 10 countries this device was launched. On March 23, the device will be available in an additional 24 countries, making sure that sales figures go through the roof.

As mentioned above, many users had taken to the internet and complained about how their New iPad feels to heat up more than their previous iPad did. Such complaints were widespread on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as well. The folks over at Tweakers.net did a thermal imaging test and proved the complaint.

The image as well as the report clearly shows that the New iPad heats up to 33.6 degrees centigrade whereas the iPad 2 remains at 28.3 degrees centigrade. It should be noted that both iPads were subjected to the same tasks.

However this is nothing to worry about. Ever the increase falls in safe thermal operating limits. On the other hand, some users claim not to face this issue at all! Do you have this issue with your New iPad?

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