New iPad Causes Less Strain On The Eyes, Says An Expert

By  at Wednesday, March 21, 2012  

Apple has made revolutionary advancements in the field of tablet display. The New iPad comes with a gorgeous Retina Display. This display is so amazing that an expert claims it causes less strain on the eyes of the user. More power to the user!

The New iPad has the breakthrough Retina Display that Apple first introduced to the public with it's iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G. The premise of a Retina Display is that it has so many pixels cramped in to one square inch that the human eye can't discern an individual pixel.

Apple's New iPad has 264 pixels per square inch, almost one million more than a standard full HD television. This means that the display is literally amazing, to say the least. So when a display is this gorgeous, it is going to be hard to not look at it. Lucky for the user of Apple's New iPad, the display causes less strain on the eyes.
A key factor in something that’s called computer vision syndrome, or just eye strain from computer use, is screen resolution. The new iPad, with twice the resolution of the iPad 2, 264 ppi (pixels per inch) instead of 132, people are going to notice less pixelation, especially in a small typeface. It’s not just an enjoyment issue or an aesthetic issue, but it’s definitely a visual comfort isue, over time.
This definitely is good news, because almost everyone who gets an iPad doesn't want to tear his or herself away from it. It's good to know that our eyes will not be subjected to much stress during use of the New iPad.

(via Mashable)

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