iTether HTML5 App Available Now For Tethering iPhone Data Connection

By  at Friday, March 09, 2012  

Last month the iTether app for iPhone made it on the App Store. We knew it was going to be pulled soon because this app allowed iPhone users to tether their data plan to other devices. Apple's carrier partners don't allow tethering of data plans. So it goes without saying that the iTether app was yanked from the App Store. Now the app is available once again, but not in the App Store. iTether has been released this time in HTML5, and it works!

The iTether app allowed sharing of iPhone data plan with a Mac or PC computer via a USB cable. Sure enough, carrier partners were not happy with it. Apple pulled the iTether app from the App Store within 48 hours of it going online.We're surprised how it got approved in the first place.

Now the developers of iTether have released a HTML5 version of this app. They claim that it does not require a jailbreak to tether iPhone data connect to other devices. They also claim that data transfer through the HTML5 app is encrypted, hence users don't have to worry about security or lack thereof.

Since the new service is web based, Apple or carrier partners can't do anything on their own. They can fight for an injunction against it, but they can't yank it off the internet. The service now comes with an annual price tag of $30, but at this point in time you can score a subscription for half price due to an ongoing promotion.

(via 9to5mac)

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