Control iTunes And Spotify With In-Air Gestures Using Flutter

By  at Tuesday, March 27, 2012  

Have you ever wanted a convenient way of going through your playlist without having to take your eyes off an important piece of work open on your desktop? Flutter is the perfect thing for you. Flutter allows you to control iTunes and Spotify on your computer using in-air gestures. It works really well, and it's cool too!

The concept of Flutter app is really fascinating. Flutter uses the webcam on your computer to decipher your gestures, which in turn control music on iTunes and Spotify. The developers have aptly described this app on their website:
We hated using the keyboard and mouse for controlling music in the background or watching movies on our computers from a few feet away. So we decided to solve this problem by using hand gestures to control music and videos via the built-in webcam in your computer.
At this point in time, Flutter app is only available for Mac computers. However the developers assure us that it will be available for Windows soon enough. The app works flawlessly with both iTunes ans Spotify on Mac machines. I highly recommend trying it out, it's not only useful but amazingly cool as well.

Download Flutter for Mac to control music using gestures

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