Apple Will Start Producing 7.85-inch iPad In Q3 2012

By  at Thursday, March 01, 2012  

A new rumor has it that Apple will start producing a smaller 7.85-inch iPad in Q3 of 2012. This rumor comes at a time when anticipation for Apple's next iPad is at an all time high. The smaller iPad has been rumored before a number of times as well.

This rumor comes from Taiwanese publication Digitimes. They are always putting rumors online and sometimes what they say actually becomes true. The iPad Mini has been talked about much in online circles. Those who are for it believe Apple should release a smaller iPad to compete with likes of Kindle Fire from Amazon. Those who are against it believe a 7-inch iPad is impractical to begin with.

Digitimes says:
Makers in Apple’s iPad supply chain have started delivering samples of 7.85-inch iPads for verification, with volume production likely to begin in the third quarter of 2012 at the earliest, according to industry sources.

The price of the 7.85-inch iPad is likely to be set at US$249-299, since Apple is also expected to release an 8GB iPad 2 for US$349-399, and has lowered the price of the 16GB iPad 2 to US$449, the sources noted.
Do you think Apple should launch a 7.85-inch iPad? Will it work ?

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