Apple To Reportedly Select Baidu As Default iOS Search Engine In China

By  at Monday, March 26, 2012  

The Chinese market is growing at breakneck speed. Consumer demand for the latest technology is through the roof. Manufacturers have made it a point to tap as much of this market as they can. It was reported earlier today that Apple might drop Google and select Baidu as it's default search engine in China, for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Google has always been the default search engine on iOS devices, regardless of whatever region the devices were destined for. It is no longer a secret that Apple has been looking into a location/mapping solution of it's own. The reason behind this is to maintain distance from Google, whose mobile operating system is emerging as a solid rival for Apple in the market.

The Chinese government heavily moderates internet in the People's Republic. Social networks such as Facebook are blocked and Google has had a tough time as well getting it's services to work without intervention or objection from the Chinese government. This moderation has lead to creation of localized versions of popular internet services in China. They don't have Twitter, but Weibo offers the same functionality. Google is the world's most used search engine, whereas Baidu leads the online search market in the People's Republic of China.

A rather interesting thing to note is that China sees more daily activations of iOS devices as compared to the USA, the home country of Apple. Baidu accounts of over 85% of all internet searches in China. It was reported earlier today that Apple will make this change through a firmware update next month. When this happens, Baidu will definitely stay miles ahead of Google in China.

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