Apple Stores Receive Returns As New iPad Resale Value Drops

By  at Monday, March 26, 2012  

The initial response of New iPad was mixed. Critics weren't impressed because of obvious reasons, while Apple fanboys were just too excited about the fact that Apple released a new tablet. The initial hype has now settled down and prospective buyers are actually thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a New iPad. It turns out that New iPad resale value has significantly dropped and some Apple Stores are receiving returns of New iPad units in huge numbers.

Apple took a pretty big risk with the New iPad. Regardless of the fact that their new tablet has a dualcore A5X chip, quadcore graphics chip, 1GHz RAM, 5 megapixel camera and a Retina Display, some people think that fitting all of this technology in the body of an iPad 2 just isn't right. This gamble that Apple did could cause the company to fall behind on it's sales projections of 15 million New iPad units this quarter.

Macrumors received a tip yesterday from a reader who revealed that some Chinese resellers are returning as many as 30 New iPad units at the infamous Fifth Avenue Apple Retail Store in New York City. However that doesn't mean walk-in buyers have diminished. People lined up in big numbers outside this particular Apple Retail Store to get a New iPad, regardless of all the criticism that has been thrown it's way. Though to put things in perspective, the manager of Fifth Avenue store created another line just for the resellers who were there to return New iPad units.

This shows that the resale value of New iPad has dropped considerably. Some people have made it a business to sell new Apple products with a hefty premium to those who just can't wait for the demand supply gap to fill. These resellers also make a huge profit when they sell these products in countries where Apple doesn't officially sell it's products. With the New iPad, it seems like the response isn't that good as resellers can't barely even sell units they bought at prices with the lowest premium added.

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