Apple iPhone Becomes Top Selling Smartphone In Japan

By  at Friday, March 09, 2012  

We can't say that we didn't see it coming. The iPhone has dominated every other smartphone in the international market and it continues to do so. Now it is being reported that the iPhone has outsold every other smartphone in Japan to become the top selling smartphone of the country.

Electronista reports:
Apple now has the top-selling cellphone of any kind in Japan, IDC Japan determined late Thursday. The iPhone 4S launch helped Apple claim 26.6 percent of all cellphone shipments in the country this fall. It may have been the first non-Japanese company to top local ranks, ending a longstanding emphasis on local makers.
There was a time when other manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson etc dominated this part of the world. Keeping in mind that Japan and it's people are very much accustomed to modern technology, it  looks like the iPhone has proved itself to provide everything the Japanese people want from a smartphone.

The journey has just begun. At the New iPad event on March 7, Tim Cook said that Apple has amazing products planned for release in 2012. One of them is a New iPhone. We're quite sure when Apple announces that, they will once again defeat everyone in the international smartphone market.

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