Angry Birds Space To Be Available For Download On March 22

By  at Friday, March 09, 2012  

If there's one iOS game that started off with the iPhone and then saw it's popularity go through the roof, it's Angry Birds. The game that was initially released on iPhone is now available for almost every imaginable mobile platform, as well as PC, Mac, Facebook, Chrome etc. The Angry Birds franchise is going to have a fifth addition. Rovio announced that it will release Angry Birds Space on March 22.

The current titles in Angry Birds franchise include the first ever Angry Birds game. Then Rovio released Angry Birds Season, which is duly updated with festivals and new seasons such as Halloween, Valentines Day etc. Rovio then released Angry Birds Rio, based on the popular animated Hollywood film Rio. Last but not the least, there's the Lite version of Angry Birds which offers a free trial to those who are contemplating buying this game.

Rovio has literally gone all out in promoting this new Angry Birds game. They have made a trailer which includes an endorsement video by an actual live astronaut up in the International Space Station. Check out the trailer:

The game will be available for download on all of the platforms mentioned above, on March 22. Let's see if this variant of Angry Birds dominates the best paid app charts on the App Store.

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