Saurik Explains How Reloading Data In Cydia Actually Works

By  at Tuesday, February 28, 2012  

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and you often use Cydia, you'll be familiar that upon every fresh launch, Cydia downloads new packages and then displays Reloading Data. Today, the creator of Cydia himself explains how this actually works.

Through the years, Cydia has evolved considerably. There are less bugs and the overall function is faster then ever before. Credit for that obviously goes to Jay Freeman a.k.a Saurik who created Cydia is an alternative to the App Store. Cydia plays host to various repositories through which one can download tweaks, themes, wallpapers etc that are otherwise not allowed by Apple.

Saurik explains how Reloading Data in Cydia works, extensively. Here's what he said:
So, the “Reloading Data” step is something that can be made faster (and often is: new releases of Cydia often improve the performance of Reloading Data, and it is drastically improved when Apple releases new devices; on the new A5 CPU that step is almost pleasant).
However, the part where it is downloading packages from third party servers is a different story: Cydia, unlike the App Store (or almost any similar service), stores the entire package catalog locally. This is why it can (quite quickly, in fact) render an insanely long table with all packages in it that you can just fling your way through, while the App Store shows you 25 packages at a time with a slow “load more” button.
However, this means that it actually has to keep packages locally, and has to keep their records up to date. From a “cold start”, downloading the package catalog is something like three megabytes, compressed (totaled from BigBoss, ModMyi, and ZodTTD).
It really is insightful to get all this information from Saurik himself. He is a knowledgeable man who always spreads his expertise in this field, to any and everyone who wishes to know.

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