Open Siri from Notification Center using SiriLaunch [Jailbreak Tweak]

By  at Friday, February 17, 2012  

Apple released iPhone 4S back in October with some hardware upgrade and many software changes. One major feature was the personal assistant Siri which has no comparison in the whole tech world. Ever since jailbreak for iPhone 4S is released many developers are trying to develop many Cydia tweaks to make the best use of Siri. Well, Today we have found another Siri Tweak for your iPhone 4S.

With the release of new Notification Center, you can access almost everything from the Notification Center. Do you want to open Siri from Notification Center without pressing and Holding the Home button? SiriLaunch is the solution for you. This little jailbreak tweak will add a very tiny shortcut on the bottom left corner of the Notification center so that you can access Siri right from the Notification Center.

Launch Siri from Notification Center using SiriLaunch [Video]

After installing SiriLaunch from Cydia, no new icon will be added on your Homescreen. However, you have options under “settings” to configure this app. In the settings, you will have two options; one is a toggle to Switch “ON/OFF” this shortcut while the other one is for the position of this little shortcut. You can adjust it anywhere in bottom of Notification Center. You can get this app absolutely free from Cydia. Did this tweak save your time? Let us know in the comments section below.

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