Change Notification Centre Background Colors With NCColors [Video]

By  at Saturday, February 11, 2012  

How to Change Notification Centre Background Colors? Do you love customizing you iDevice? Well today we have found the best way to customize the background color of the Notification Center on iOS 5.

The NCColors app lets you between a vast variety of red, blue and green colors. You can adjust the sliders to choose the hue proportions, which allows you to easily come up with a seemingly infinite amount of custom colors. It also has a blur option that adds blur to the background to make reading text easier than before. Well the best thing about this app is that the changes take place immediately. There is no need to respire or reboot your device. While most of the other apps available on the internet require a reboot to make the changes.

How to Change Notification Center Background Colors with NCColors [Video] :

Download NCColors now and start changing colors of your Notification Center. However your device must be jailbroken in order to run this app on it.

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