What Apple Gained and Lost in 2011 ? [Video]

By  at Sunday, January 01, 2012  

The year 2011 was the bittersweet year for Apple. As it got many amazing products, highest selling records and introduced new Technologies.It also lost the visionary Figure, Steve Jobs in this year. The Video embedded below shows the ups and down during the year.

The major achievements during this year was the release of iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iCloud and showed the world a new thing, personal assistant Siri. The first part of the video shows the achievements made by the Apple while the second part consist of the biggest loss, Steve jobs and shows his speeches. The video maker asked the Siri, what apple got and lost in this year and Siri replied:

  • 6 January: Mac App store Opening
  • 11 January: Verizon Joins iPhone
  • 18 January: Q1 Highest Revenue by Apple
  • 2nd February: Apple introduced the Daily
  • 24 February: Mac Book Pro with Thunder Blot technology was introduced
  • 2 March: iPad 2 Launch with Gragebrand for iOS
  • 29 March: WWDC sold out in 9 hours
  • 27 April: Launch of white iPhone 4
  • 3 May: New iMac
  • 10 May: Apple Climbs to No. 35 at Fortune 500 / Retail Store 10 years Celebrations
  • 31 May: iWork for iPhone
  • WWDC: introducing iOS 5 and Mac OSx Lion
  • 21 June Final Cut Pro
  • 20 July: New MacBook Air, ThunderBolt display and Mac Mini
  • 21 July: Mac OSx Lion Sold more than 1 million Copies in One day
  • 4 Oct: iPhone 4S launched w/d Siri
  • 17th October: iPhone 4S sale 4 millions
  • 23 October: iPod Celebrating 10th anniversary
  • 10 December: Grand Central Apple Store
And lastly, the sad day, 5th October, Steve Jobs left this world

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