Transfer Files Between iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, OSX, Windows and WP7 Using Birdscorp

By  at Tuesday, January 17, 2012  

How to transfer music, videos, photos between these devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, OSX, Windows and WP7). Well, Apple’s iDevices are no doubt the most popular in the market these days. Everybody is talking about the vast variety of iPhone apps and games available on the internet these days. But the fact that Windows is still the most used OS can be ignored. Almost everybody has a Windows based PC or device. These two types of devices are mostly incompatible when it comes to sharing content between them.

Well to increase the compatibly Birdscorp has introduced an App by the name AirForshare for all the iOS devices which enables users to wirelessly share text, links and files between all the iOS and OSX devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi networks. Its easy, its simple and its convenient for all the tech freaks.

So now its possible to share files not only across Apple OS devices but also between windows computers and mobile devices. the process of sharing of these files follows a simple procedure in which the files are shared or uploaded to the free web based AirForShare server from where they can be downloaded directly by any user on the Wi-Fi LAN.

This is an ideal completely free and easy to use service which is ad free. And allows sharing content between otherwise incompatible devices. however there are a few limitations like, the files can be no larger than 5MB, the files are kept on the server only for half an hour.

The app is available for download on the App Store for free. So what are you waiting for? Download the app and start sharing.
(via iClarified)

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