Siri Making Its Way To Other iOS Devices ?

By  at Monday, January 16, 2012  

We all know how Siri – the personal voice controlled assistant helped Apple to boost its iPhone 4S sales. It was the most hyped and talked about feature of the iPhone 4S. A lot of other similar software were also available before the Siri but Apple managed to top all those easily.

“Much of the enthusiasm for voice control has been driven by Apple, which last year introduced Siri, a virtual personal assistant that lets people perform simple searches, make calls, book appointments and even send texts. Of course, natural language technology had been around long before Siri, but Apple helped to quickly mainstream and popularize it” said Charles Golvin, an analyst at Forrester Research.

“Voice interfaces are quickly making their move from a largely hidden piece of the user interface into a default user interface component that consumers will increasingly expect,” he further added.

In such a scenario where Voice controlled software has now become the need of every user Apple is planning to introduce Siri on its popular tablet, the iPad. However we don’t know whether Siri will be launched for the iPad 2 which is already available to us or whether Apple will launch the Siri on its upcoming iPad 3 only which is set to be released in the March of this year.

Apple seeded a third iOS 5.1 beta to its registered developers earlier this week, and in it there’s an interesting reference to the company’s new Siri dictation feature that suggests it is making its way to the iPad, the iPod Touch and even the older iPhone models.

Well this was bound to have happened. Siri became the biggest selling point of the iPhone 4S, it made the iPhone 4S huge. It was mostly because of Siri that Apple was able to sell 34 million units of the iPhone 4S in such a short time. At some point Apple is likely to introduce the digital assistant feature to its iPad, iPod touch, and even its Mac. Recent reports have claimed that it will be also available in the upcoming iTV by Apple.

Are you waiting for the Siri to make its way to other iOS devices? I know I am.
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