Setup APN Settings on iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak

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How to Setup APN Settings on iPhone and iPad with / without jailbreak ?  APN (Access Point Name) settings have always been a problem for those users whose iPhone relies on unlock. Because Apple blocked Network settings for the carrier Locked Phones. It is also a hectic problem for the iPad 3G users. Because they can’t add APN settings under Network settings. Well, we have found some solutions for you.

APN settings can easily be provided by the network operator. Just in case, your Network is not providing the APN settings, you can visit this link to get APN settings for your carrier. This website is dedicated for APNs for iPhone or iPad. Now, if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad then there is no problem for you. You can follow the first method to enter the APN settings. But if your iPhone or iPad is not jailbroken then please jump to the second method.

Method 1: Setup APN Settings on iPhone and iPad (Jailbroken Devices):

Use this method only if you don’t have Cellular Data Network tab in Settings>General>Network.
  • Open up Cydia from Homescreen.
  • Go to search and search for “APN Editing
  • Click on this package and install it to your iPhone / iPad.
  • After installing it, Respring your device.
  • You will see cellular Data Network Tab in Settings> General >Network.
Now, you can Add the APN settings for your current network. You can get APN settings, either from the Operator or from This Link.

Method 2: Setup APN Settings on iPhone and iPad (Non-Jailbroken Devices):

Installing APN settings is not so difficult for Non-jailbroken devices too. Follow the steps carefully :
  • Go to the following Website from Browser on your iPhone or iPad. You can use Wireless network to go to the following address.
  • On the web page, Scroll down and click on “Tether” under “Features”
  • Again scroll down and click on the “Create your Own”
  • Enter the APN settings provided by your Operator or from This Link.
  • After entering Click on “Download” Button.
  • After installing, Don’t forget to restart your iPhone or iPad.
That’s it. You have successfully configured APN Settings for your iPad or iPhone. Don't forget to check that Cellular Data is "ON" under Settings > General > Network

Which method worked for you? And which one is better, Please let us know in the comments section below.

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