Send Tweets from Siri by using Sireet on Jailbroken iPhone 4S [Video]

By  at Wednesday, January 25, 2012  

Siri is one the most amazing and finest services introduced in Apple iPhone series. You can ask anything to it, Send text messages and even ask for appointments. But one of the biggest features which were missing in Siri is updating Status to social Networks via Siri. But the Cydia developers are always there to add such kind of amazing features in the Siri.

Tyler_nettleton Aka InfectionFX is working on a tweak that will help you to tweet using Siri. This tweak is called Sireet and it will be absolutely free of cost. This tweak is not released in Cydia yet, But it will be available soon. All you need to do is to open Siri and say “tweet” and Say what you need to tweet. For further details about this tweak watch the video embedded below. However, this tweak works perfectly with jailbroken iPhone 4S and older devices running Spire from Cydia.

We will tell you as soon as this tweak is released in the Cydia.

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