Riots At Beijing Apple Store During iPhone 4S Sale Takes Apple By Surprise

By  at Sunday, January 15, 2012  

The iPhone 4S is the most amazing iPhone yet. It is also the most fastest selling iPhone Apple has ever produced. Naturally, there is a lot of interest in this smartphone and it was expected that a lot of people will turn up at Apple Store all across China in order to get their hands on iPhone 4S officially from an Apple Store. Little did we know that a riot will break out at the Sanlitun Beijing Apple Store and that very riot will take Apple by surprise.

The riot actually started between groups of scalpers sent there by their bosses to get as many iPhone 4S units as they could. This situation got worse and the Beijing SWAT team had to be called in. The Sanlitun Apple Store was closed which angered those who had patiently waited outside the store whole day just to buy an iPhone 4S. They started throwing eggs at the Apple Store. After this whole debacle, the company decided to stop all in-store purchases of iPhone 4S and will only sell it online until further notice.

When asked about this debacle, CEO of Apple Tim Cook said that Apple was taken by surprise by whatever had happened at Sanlitun Apple Store in Beijing. He states that security is top priority of Apple and they have taken relevant measures to avoid any further such incidents.

Tim Cook also said that Apple has learnt from this incident will take preventive steps in the future. For now, people in China can only order iPhone 4S online. No word as yet when Apple plans to start selling iPhone 4S in stores across China once again.

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