PlayStation 4 / PS4 Release Date

By  at Saturday, January 07, 2012  

When PlayStation 4 and New XBOX will be released ? It's just the start of 2012 and we have a very good news for hardcore gamers. It's not only for the Sony's Play Station Fans but also for the Microsoft's Xbox 360 addicts. The giants of the gaming industry are about to announce their Next gen consoles in the big Event of the year E3 in june 2012. And Wii's u will also be shown in this event.

PlayStation 4 and New XBOX Release Date

It's been 17 years that E3 is organized every year any different gaming consoles are introduced by different manufacturer. But it will be first time in the history of gaming that All three Rivals will introduce their Consoles simultaneously at this time.

According to mvc:
Both the Xbox 360 successor AND a follow up to the PS3 will be shown at E3 2012.

The LA show tease will come as Wii U launch details are locked in – and should ensure no ground is lost between competing consoles.
According to the resources, It's been a while that Microsoft was planning for the next-gen xBox at E3 in 2012. And it's been a long time that Microsoft introduced its last console xBox 360. But it will be a surprise for the Sony's fan followers that Sony is going to release its PlayStation 4 so early.
Different concepts have also been there about the new xBox and PS4. According to Techradar xBox 720 and Sony PlayStation 4 will have high-end specifications. You can watch in the videos Embedded below:

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