Overflow will Add True Coverflow Style on Dock [Jailbreak Tweak]

By  at Thursday, January 19, 2012  

Cover Flow was something amazing added in iPod app on iPhone back in 2007. This feature gives an amazing effect to cover page of an Album in the music. A Cydia tweak developer has successfully ported this cover flow like animation to the icons on dock on your screen. Called overflow, this tweak will let you have true cover flow like effect on dock on iPhone’s Home screen.

According to developer:
Overflow lets you add a dynamic 'Coverflow'-esque style to your dock, all while keeping things both elegant and fun to use. Overflow also takes full advantage of chpwn's Infinidock, and animates when you scroll your dock, so be sure to purchase Infinidock in the Cydia Store to add that awesome you've always wanted! Works with or without Infinidock, although for a dynamic Coverflow effect to work as well as scrolling on the dock, Infinidock is required
Many other can do the cover flow like effect on your dock, for example, Springtomize 2, infinidock, but none of the jailbreak tweak has such an amazing true effect. This jailbreak tweak will make an icon prominent and when you will scroll in dock,the center icon will become prominent accordingly. However, the downside of this tweak is that, you will need to install Infinidock to make it work.

After installing this tweak, no new icons will be added on Homescreen and you can configure this app from settings. You can get overflow from Cydia store for just $0.99 but to get it working properly, you will also need to buy infinidock which will cost you another $0.99.

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