Is The iPhone 5 Going To Be Completely Waterproof?

By  at Tuesday, January 17, 2012  

Have you ever dropped your iPhone or any other electronic gadget into water? I guess most of you must have had that experience atleast once in your lifetime. A lot of people end up screwing their mobile phones like this. Even if you use a protective shield or case let’s just face the fact water is a beast for all the electronic devices.

Well, the good news is that according to the AppleInsider website, Apple is interested in making a water proof future iPhone which is set to be launched soon this year in corporation with a company named HZO. The company HZO has introduced a technology called the WaterBlock which instead of protecting the outside i.e. actually coats the electronics at a molecular level and protects them from inside so there are no chances left of screwing your phone with water. It’s an invisible nanotechnology based vapor coating which not only protects electronics from water, or any liquid but also from humidity. HzO’s WaterBlock™ is being named as “one of the hottest gadgets for 2012.”

Several experiments were conducted where Good Morning America Correspondents Lara Spencer and beckey Worley dropped an iPhone protected with the WaterBlock. The iPhone worked perfectly underwater.

“This is going to save us!” Worley said as she and Spencer talked about how WaterBlock™ will change the way people use their electronics.

The WaterBlock technology is being displayed at CES 2012. The company’s product demos are already getting a lot of heat. This technology will certainly save a lot of our gadgets in the times to come.
(via iPhoneFaq)

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