iPhone Surpasses Android in Sales during this Christmas Season at AT&T

By  at Sunday, January 01, 2012  

The Smartphone battle between the world’s most popular Smartphones began back in 2008 when Google Introduced G1 with Android OS.

Recently, iPhone 4 and 4S made record breaking business in the 2011. Apple sold more than 4 million iPhone in just a week. Google announced that the have activated seven hundred thousand Android devices yet. No doubt, this figure is too large and even leads the People to think about “Android is killing iOS”. But what happened during these holiday season at AT&T corporate center clearly explains everything.
According to the reports posted at Macobserver, Apple sold 7.8 times more devices as compared to the Android devices at AT&T. iPhones activated during this Christmas season were 981,000 which makes about 66% of the total AT&T sales. While Android devices activated from At&T network during this season were 126,oo which makes about 8.5% of the total AT&T sales and even less than the basic flip and Slider Phones. RIM's Blackberry as usually faced the decline and got only 5% of the total sales.

At&T was the only cellular network who introduced iPhone 2G back in 2007 and than Verizon Joined Apple in 2011 with iPhone 4 CDMA. So, A massive increase in iOS devices was seen. However, Android devices sold in the month of November was about twice as compared to iPhone. And as we posted earlier that Google hold 46.5% of total Smartphone market while Apple has 29%.
(Via Macobserver)

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