iPhone 5 Is Going To Be A Mega Upgrade

By  at Friday, January 13, 2012  

The iPhone 4S was released in October last year. It had no new cosmetic design as compared to its predecessor yet it managed to be a big hit with only a handful of new features including the SIRI. The phone managed to achieve the impossible to get Apple market shares. The sales of the phone are forecast to be around 30 million units over the holiday quarter.

With this big success of 4S, the iPhone 5 which according to a lot of rumors will be quad core and feature LTE technology is going to be an even a bigger hit, a “Monster Hit” to be precise. It was rated as the number one most wanted tech product of the year 2012. A lot of other predictions have been made about the new iPhone suggesting that it would be a total re-designed iPhone featuring awesome brand new features like 3D video and pictures, newly designed keyboards and 4G speeds to name a few.

According to Gene Munster, A well-known and respected Piper Jaffray analyst
“The iPhone 5 will be a mega upgrade on release with a complete revamp”
Gene Munster also believes that iPhone 5 is going to accelerate Apple’s growth even further than the current iPhone 4S.

"If Apple sells 30 (million)-plus iPhones in Dec., with no new form factor, up from 17.1m in Sept., it would be evidence supporting our survey work indicating that 94% of iPhone users plan to upgrade to a new iPhone," Munster wrote.

"This theme suggests iPhone 5, which we are expecting in Aug. with a new form factor, will be a monster upgrade." He added.

Other news about the new iPhone suggests that it could have up to 20 times improved graphics as compared to the older model.

Further predicting about the company, Munster says he now believes Apple will report record sales and earnings across all three of its iDevices: the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch this year. The iPhone 5 is going to be released in March this year .
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