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By  at Sunday, January 15, 2012  

A lot of videos, rumors and news have been seen floating all over the internet considering the latest and most anticipated next generation iPhone which is expected to be released in the end of 2012. According to analysts and tech freaks the next iPhone is going to be a “monster hit” as most of the people are willing to upgrade to a newer iPhone with a completely new design and interface. The stage is all set for the launch of the iPhone 5 with people drooling all over the latest concept videos and rumors about the iPhone 5. This device is surely going to accelerate Apple’s growth even further than the last model released.

With all the rumors and concept videos flowing in, we’ve received another concept video of the iPhone 5. This video is surely one of the best I’ve seen lately. Do check this video out.

The video gives the concept of an iPhone with an even bigger display, new home buttons and faster Application switching. However most of the people think that a bigger iPhone would be somewhat uncomfortable as the current size of the phone is perfect and anything bigger than that would feel uncomfortable to hold. Well personally I trust Apple. The company knows what they’re doing and they’ve been doing it for a long time. So I kind of don’t go with this common opinion of the people. Some of the other awesome features given in this video like the stereo output which is going to be a treat for all the music lovers like me.

According to this video the new iPhone is going to be the next best thing. The video shows the comparison of the iPhone 4S and the upcoming iPhone. Personally I think the new iPhone looks smarter and classier.

With a 4-inch Retina Display, 10MP large sensor camera, Desktop quality apps and games, push email and full featured web browser – “It’s the phone you’ve always wanted”
(via AppAdvice)

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