iPhone 4S Data Usage is Double that of the of iPhone 4

By  at Saturday, January 07, 2012  

Siri, The most hyped feature of the iPhone 4S which was responsible for making iPhone 4S a big hit is now prompting the iPhone 4S users to use twice as much data as compared to the older models of the iPhone.

Siri - The Virtual Personal Assistant was made available in the iPhone 4S in October. The personal assistant answers questions, make recommendations, check local weather and does much more for the users.

According to a network firm named Arieso, the iPhone 4S users are consuming three times more data than the iPhone 3G users and double that of the iPhone 4 users. The firm further added that the voice command service – Siri is turning consumers into extreme internet users. This increased usage of data by the consumers are putting an additional pressure on the mobile operators which has led these companies into thinking that they should limit the customer’s access to their increasingly burdened networks.

AT&T Inc. which had the exclusive U.S. rights to the iPhone has been criticized for dropped calls and low network coverage among high-use areas in the U.S such as New York and San Francisco. Vodafone which is said to be the world’s largest mobile phone operator has switched to consumption based billing in order to deal with the heavy load because of the iPhone 4S.

“While there is no question that hungry users are attracted to the iPhone 4S, the device appears to unleash data consumption behaviors that have no precedent,” said Arieso in a report which was released on Friday. Before the release of iPhone 4S, to find a sushi restaurant a typical smartphone user has to start an app, type the search and scroll down the results but with SIRI all they have to do is ask the Siri to find them a Sushi Restaurant nearby.

Art Brodsky, spokesman for group Public Knowledge commenting on the current situation said, “It’s a black box” which means that while it has increasing consumer’s access to great new services it will also make them pay more for using it.
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