iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Jailbreak is Becoming the Most Amazing Jailbreak Yet

By  at Sunday, January 15, 2012  

We like all other Apple users community are desperately waiting for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak. The hackers from the chronic Dev team along with Pod2g, the man behind the untethered jailbreak for A4 and lower devices, are working for the iPhone 4S / iPad 2 untethered jailbreak. With everyday passing, the jailbreaking scenario is becoming more interesting, and it’s not like only we are excited about this jailbreak, but the dream team also very much dived into it.

The prominent member of Dream Team, p0sixninja aka Joshua Hill tweeted that iPhone 4S / iPad 2 jailbreak is becoming the most amazing one yet. There have been many issues behind this jailbreak such as sandbox, which was eventually solved. According to the tweets, we can also see that this is the most amazing. We don't know whether the "amazing" word only related to developing section or related to user interface and applying the jailbreak to iDevices section.

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