iPad 4 Releasing This Year (RUMOR)

By  at Sunday, January 08, 2012  

Are you waiting for the iPad 3? Wait, have you heard the latest rumor circling about in town? Rumor has it that Apple is allegedly going to release an iPad 4 this year in October after the release of iPad 3 in March. This the latest rumor from Digitimes which splashed down this morning, claiming we should expect two new iPad models this year.

Digitimes has been making numerous claims about Apple’s new products recently in the past few months. Not all of them are true but it does seem that they have somewhat insights into the Apple’s tablet devices. For now let’s just look into the timeline of the Apple products in the past years.

Apple launched its first iPhone in July 2007 followed up by iPhone 3G in the year 2008. The iPhone 3GS was released in the year 2009 in July followed up by the iPhone 4 in June 2010. The CDMA supporting iPhone 4 was then released in the same year as the release of iPhone 4S. But that doesn’t count as the CDMA iPhone 4 is somewhat the same as the simple iPhone 4 except the fact that it was set to work with a different cellular network technology. Same is the case with iPad, Apple launched its first iPad in 2010 followed by the iPad 2 in year 2011.

In other words Apple has been releasing one iteration per year of the iOS devices. So what can be change in strategy of the company to launch two iPads in one year, sabotaging the product they’ve just launched the same year? This question will yet remain unanswered.

According to Digitimes, however, "The 9.7-inch iPad 4 is expected to come with much upgraded hardware specifications and integrated applications so as to compete with an array of Android-, Wintel- or WoA (Windows on ARM)-based tablet PCs to be released in the fourth quarter."
Source : http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2398547,00.asp

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