Install MobileTerminal On iPhone iOS 5 [Video]

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How to Install MobileTerminal On iOS 5? MobileTerminal is great handy tool for the iDevices if you have some experience in using the command line interface. With the help of this tool you can change the default root and mobile password of your device thus increasing the security of your iDevice.

Unfortunately the current version of MobileTerminal available on Cydia doesn’t support the iOS 5 firmware. As always we have a fix for this problem. So with the help of this step by step guide you can successfully install the tool on your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 running on iOS 5.

Note: Your device must be jailbroken in order for this tool to work. You can follow the Step By Step Guide posted recently on this site if you still haven’t jailbroken your iDevice.

How to Install MobileTerminal On iPhone iOS 5 [Video Tutorial]:

Step 1: You will get a dependency error when trying to install Mobile Terminal if you don't have Core Utilities installed in Cydia. For verification, go to Cydia > Manage and tap the “Settings” button. Choose Hacker Mode and click done. Now Search for "coreutils" after navigation to the search bar. You should be able to see Core Utilities and Core Utilities (/bin). Make sure that the first Core Utilities and not the bin is installed on your device, as the bin will already be installed upon the installation of Cydia.

Step 2: Now open Mobile Safari and download Mobile “Terminal.deb” file. The file is available at this Google code repository. Select open with iFile.

Note: You must have iFile to carry out this step

Step 3: After you’ve loaded up iFile, a pop up menu will appear. Select Installer from the menu and Mobile Terminal will start to install.

Step 4: Now just restart or respring your device and you will have a working version of Mobile Terminal on your device running iOS 5.

Note: If mobileterminal starts crashing, Open Cydia, Click Manage>Edit>add. Put in: Now go to Search and Enter: MobileTerminal. Select the one where the logo is YCR and where it says ‘From Your Cydia Repo’ (YCR).

This will fix the problem.

How to Install MobileTerminal On iPhone iOS 5 [Video Tutorial]:

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