How to Use New Camera Features in iOS 5 ?

By  at Tuesday, January 03, 2012  

How to use New Camera features in iOS 5? Well, iPhone 4S has one of the best cameras among all Smartphones. The 8 Megapixel zoom and the size of the lenses aperture increases the quality of the Photo drastically. And probably this is the reason iPhone is the most popular device to take pictures on Flicker, A popular image sharing website.

Well, if we talk about the iOS 5, it was introduced in october with many improved features. One of the main feature among them was the improvement of camera app on iPhone. You can also launch the camera app directly from springboard on your iPhone. However, what's inside the camera app is demonstrated below.

1. Multi-touch for Zoom:

The first feature in this app is multi-touch for zooming in the camera app. This multi-touch works exactly on the same pattern as you use it in pictures. Simply, focus an image and use multi-touch to zoom in or Zoom out. Pinch the fingers for zoom out purpose. While spread them for Zoom in. One thing should be noted that Zoom in may reduce the picture quality.

2. GridLines:

If you are a professional photographer than you should have the concept of gridLines in photography. Normally, 3X3 grid line are shown in a professional camera but here 4x3 lines are shown. But still it is good for taking first step towards professional photography. GridLines basically helps to correct the position of the camera. You can activate grid lines in camera settings.

3. Autofocus Lock:

The other feature which most of the camera have is Autofocus lock. it basically helps the users to focus the camera automatically so that a better picture quality can be obtained. If you want to activate Autofocus lock on your iPhone. Tap and hold the point where you want to autofocus, a square turns into blue and Lock AE/AF appears on the screen. Now move the camera. And you will get a marvelous image.

4. Quick access to Camera:

iOS 5 also offers user to access the camera app quickly from the lock screen. In order to access, Double press the home button and camera button will be shown near Slide to unlock. Tap on it and you will be redirected to camera app directly from your Lockscreen.

5. Photo Effects:

Another main feature in the iOS 5 is that you can apply different effects on the image after taking it. You can crop it, change it's view and even directly upload to your twitter account.
(via MacLife)

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