How to Open Apps using Siri on iPhone 4S ?

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How to Open Apps using Siri on iPhone 4S ? One of the most amazing feature introduced in the latest iPhone is Siri, your personal assistant. You can ask it any question and can also ask to set different actions. But one of the desperately needed feature is missing in Siri, that you can't open third-party apps directly from Siri. Suppose that if you want to open Facebook App on your iPhone using, Siri. By saying " open Facebook App" will not work. But you can still open these apps using a trick as explained below.

Have you ever heard about the URL Scheme of Safari? URL Scheme for safari lets you to open any app directly from the safari. This trick is basically used by the developers to open their apps directly from Safari. If you want to open YouTube app from Safari, Write down "youtube://" and it will redirect you to the YouTube app on your App. Similarly some are the examples given below:

  • Itms-apps:// – This opens the app store in your iPhone.
  • maps:// - Opens the Maps app.
  • sms:// - Opens the compose window of the Messages app.
  • music:// - Goes to the currently playing song in the Music app.
  • youtube:// - Opens the YouTube app.
  • itms-books:// - Open the iBooks app
Now, How this trick will work with Siri? We will actually make a contact including the URL's for different apps and when you will ask the Siri to show the contact it will open up all the details of the Contact including URL's. you can open any app by tapping on the URL.

1. Make a contact by the name of "Shortcuts".

2. Create Multiple text fields containing these URL Schemes. You can use any URL Scheme as shown above.

3. Open Siri and say" Show me Shortcuts Contact"

4. All URL's will be shown. You can click on any URL to open that app.

You can also open different options in an app by using this trick. For example, Name a contact

"Facebook Shortcuts" and add different Text fields with the following URL's
  • fb://profile – Open Facebook app to the user’s profile
  • fb://friends – Open Facebook app to the friends list
  • fb://notifications – Open Facebook app to the notifications list
  • fb://feed – Open Facebook app to the News Feed
  • fb://events – Open Facebook app to the Events page
  • fb://requests – Open Facebook app to the Requests list
  • fb://notes – Open Facebook app to the Notes page
  • fb://albums – Open Facebook app to Photo Albums list

Than open Siri and say: Show me Facebook Shortcuts, Click on any shortcut to open it.
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