How to Get Unlimited Data on Verizon Wireless?

By  at Wednesday, January 04, 2012  

Apple announced first CDMA iPhone back in March of 2011 from platform of Verizon Wireless. Though iPhone 4 CDMA didn't get so much popularity. But many users got this device due to unlimited internet package that Verizon offered.

However, Verizon discontinued its unlimited internet package in July of the last year. Well, we have a good news for all Verizon customers that you can still get unlimited data by using a trick posted by sickdeals. This trick worked for many users. This trick will also work for any SmartPhone device on Verizon.
  1. Dial *611 from your Verizon phone, or             1-800-922-0204       from any phone.
  2. Wait for computer CSR to go through the main menu. You will need your Verizon phone # and account PIN or last 4 of SSN.
  3. Hit option 4.
  4. When it asks you what you would like to do today say “Add a feature.” You will be transferred to a live Verizon Customer Service representative.
  5. If you have a 3G device
  6.  (which includes all iPhones): Say you would like to add the $20 2GB 3G Mobile Hotspot FEATURE to your phone. When you add this MHS feature, you will be charged $20/month in addition to the $29.99 unlimited data plan.
  7. If you have a 4G device
  8. : Say you would like to add the $30 Unlimited 4G Mobile Hotspot FEATURE to your phone. According to…r-account/ , they may be able to locate this feature via referencing feature code #76153. When you add this MHS feature, you will be charged $30/month in addition to the $29.99 unlimited data plan.
  9. After one of the MHS features above are added to your account, you will now have the $29.99 unlimited data plan, which can be verified via the My Verizon app on your device or at
  10. {OPTIONAL - if you don’t want the Mobile Hotspot feature} Log into My Verizon and remove the Mobile Hotspot FEATURE from your account. It is recommended to wait at least a day to remove the feature. The $29.99 unlimited data plan should remain on your account.
  11. If they say they can’t add that feature to your plan, or that you must bundle your data + mobile hotspot service together as a single data plan, tell them thank you, hang up, and repeat the steps above.
Verizon may fill this loophole in the near future and revert your unlimited plan back to tiered data plan. So, you should keep an eye on your monthly bill so you could avoid this problem. What do you think about this method? Did it worked for you Let us know in the comments section below.
[via Sickdeals]

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