How to Close Multiple Apps from Multitasking Bar with One Click

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How to Close Multiple Apps at Once from Multitasking Bar with / without jailbreak ? Closing apps on iPhone is really a tedious thing, specially for the pro users who open multiple apps at a time. Apple introduced multitasking starting from iOS 4 to help users to easily switch between the different apps without closing them. However, you can close a single app in Multitasking Bar. But you can also close 4 apps at once.

How to Close Multiple Apps at Once from Multitasking Bar :

For Non-jailbroken Devices:

For all the users who don't have jailbroken device, multi-touch will help them to close multiple apps at same time. To close different apps, Double press the Home button all the opened apps will be shown in your multitasking tray. Tap and hold an icon to put them in jiggle mode. You can click on the cut sign to close single app. Similarly, two, three and maximum four apps can be closed at the same time using the four fingers at once. But it is little difficult. So, one can easily close two to three apps at same time.

For Jailbroken Devices:

Jailbroken devices always find something better than the Non-jailbroken Devices. You can download a tweak from cydia, called Remove Background SBSettings. This is actually a toggle for SBSettings. By using this toggle, you can close all apps in the background with just one tap and it is absolutely free too.

  • Open up Cydia and Install SBSettings, if you haven't already installed them.
  • After installing, Respring your device.
  • Go to Cydia again and Search for "Remove Background SBsettings". Click on it and install it on your device.
  • After installing this, Swipe your finger from left to right on Top bar and SBSettings will be shown. Click on the icon as shown in the i,age posted below.

It will automatically close all of your Apps in the background. Which method do you prefer to use? Let us know in the comments section below.
(via iPhoneHacks)

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