GroveShark returns to iOS Devices with Web App

By  at Monday, January 16, 2012  

Another good news for Music lovers, if you listen music too much on your iDevice either online via Spotify, Pandora or any other apps like that. There is an amalgam of both of these services, GrooveShark, which works perfectly on all of your iDevices, Android Phones or any other devices which run HTML. GrooveShark has released a web app which will help users to listen music directly from Safari web browser on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

This web app has three tabs, search to search for your favorite artists or tracks, while popular tab will have all the popular stuff around the community. Another tab represents the station which has different Genres such as Hip hop, Pop, Rock etc.
You can visit the GrooveShark by visiting the following link on your device.
GrooveShark App was released in App store for iOS devices but later it was removed due to doubtful legality of this app. But now GrooveShark has taken an amazing step and released HTML web app so that users can listen the music in the web browser anytime and anywhere. You can also get monthly subscription of this app for just $9 per month. Although this app doesn’t have a large library as iTunes has, but still it’s far better at this price.
We think that it’s now a trend to release Web app, Amazon released it web app to download EBooks from Amazon store for iPad and iPhone. What do you think about this step by GrooveShark? Let’s know in the comments section below.
[Via: Modmyi]

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