Fix Error Establishing a Database Connection After Jailbreaking iPhone 4S / iPad 2 5.0.1 Untethered using Absinthe Greenppois0n

By  at Friday, January 20, 2012  

How to fix "Error establishing a database connection" after jailbreaking iPhone 4S / iPad 2 5.0.1 untethered using Absinthe Greenppois0n. This problem appears to some users when they trying to open Absinthe app to get the Cydia icon. They got this message "error establishing a database connection". If you got this error, don't worry, we have a simple fix for that. Check it out after the jump.

How to fix error establishing a database connection on iPhone 4S / iPad 2 when jailbreaking 5.0.1 using Absinthe Greenpois0n :

1- Please go to Settings, turn on VPN and wait instead.
  • Toggle VPN only AFTER Absinthe says it’s done, or it will not work.
  • VPN SHOULD error and then reboot soon. If it does not, rerun Absinthe!
2- If you get a strange problem, we advise you to restore your iPhone with iTunes, if you can (i.e. if you’re not on 5.0 waiting for an eventual 4S unlock).

That's it. Try it and let us know if this fix work with you or not.

Update: Now you can make iPhone official factory unlock, you can check the details from here 

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