Enable iMessage Between iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

By  at Saturday, January 07, 2012  

How to Enable iMessage Between iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad ? One the basic things which was advertised in iOS 5 is automatic Sync, Like you take one picture at one device, it will automatically reached on your iPad or iPad. That's the thing behind the iCloud. With iCloud Apple also introduced iMessage an alternative messenger app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad but one thing which iMessage lacks is the sync between the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on same contact.

There might be any special reason behind this but what we realized is that iPhone 4S uses the Phone Number in iMessage instead of the Email address that's why it will not automatically sync with the other iDevice. But that's not a problem, after following some simple steps you can enable iMessage sync between All of your iDevices.
  • Go to settings and open up Message
  • Click "Receive at" Section.
  • Click on the "Caller ID"
  • Click on the Email Address and make sure that there's check mark Next to it.
That's it. Now you have successfully enable iMessage sync between iPhone, iPod Touch and your iPad. The best thing about configuring this setting is that you can start chat on your one device and can end it on the other device. All of your messages will be automatically sync between iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Sometimes the above mentioned method doesn't work instantly, To work it properly, Please send a message to the same person from all of your devices. It will start working perfectly.
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