Does Spire drain your iPhone's RAM?

By now probably the majority of users are aware of Spire. A legal port of Siri to older devices. Which was claimed to run smooth on older devices, well I have proven that wrong, maybe it is just a bug, well than if it is a bug, I discovered it.

I have seen many users who don't actually have Siri working on their devices, they simply have Spire installed. I've also read online that they have been encountering a lot of problems with their devices after the jailbreak process on iOS 5 and 5.0.1, I know this because I was one of the users having issues with their devices, I had to restore my iPhone 4 at least five times.

The problems I encountered were:

I took this screenshot of my iPhone's RAM before I deleted Spire. I used UISettings.

And this was after I deleted Spire from my iPhone.

What do you think ?

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