Control Music On iPhone Using Mac Keyboard Through iKeyboardRemote App

By  at Sunday, January 15, 2012  

These days, many of us own multiple Apple products. The best thing about owning multiple Apple products is that they work together beautifully. Now you can take that up one more level by wirelessly controlling music on your iPhone using the Mac Keyboard, through the new iKeyboardRemote Mac app.

The best thing about iKeyboardRemote Mac app is that its very easy to use. Above all, it's absolutely free to download from the Mac App Store.

Once you download iKeyboardRemote from the Mac App Store and run it, the app will itself guide you through the process required for pairing your iPhone and Mac machine together. The app will use Bluetooth connectivity between Mac and the iPhone. Since Bluetooth is being used, the range is not going to be that great, but will work perfectly if both devices are in a room of reasonable size.

This is how to control music on iPhone through iKeyboardRemote Mac app:

  • Click on media control buttons to remotely control your iPad/iPhone. 
  • You can also hit keyboard keys to remotely control.
  • Use connect button to quick connect to paired devices. (SnowLeopard) 
  • Select connect button to wait for paired iDevice re-connection (Lion) 
  • ESC: Home button 
  • F4 : iPad slide show / iPhone song album cover 
  • F6 : Lock button
  • F7 : Previous song 
  • F8 : Play/Stop 
  • F9 : Next song 
  • F10: Mute 
  • F11: Volume down 
  • F12: Volume up
Download iKeyboardRemote from Mac App Store For Free.

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