CDevReporter: Chronic Dev team crashed reporter released in Cydia [Jailbreak App]

By  at Monday, January 16, 2012  

Earlier this month, Chronic Dev team released a tool called, CDevReporter that will send crash reports directly to the Chronic Dev Team. Actually, Apple introduced an amazing feature in iOS 5.0.1 that will automatically send crash reports to Apple so they will fix them in near future. Jailbreak community used the same scenario and made a tool that will send crash reports to chronic dev team instead to the Apple which may be helpful in releasing the next jailbreak for iOS.

Thanks to innoying, a developer who has released a package in the Cydia, CDevReporter , this package will work just like apple software so that it will automatically send crash reports to Chronic Dev Team instead of sending them to Apple. The best thing about this software is that it is PC-free version which means that you will not need to connect your iDevice with PC to send crash reports.
According to innoying:

CDevReporter is the simplest and easiest method to send you crash reports to the Chronic Dev team to help future jailbreaks. CDevReporter is a daemon that runs in the background on your iOS device and sends your crash reports to the Chronic Dev team. It sleeps until new crash reports are found, then attempts to upload them to the Chronic Dev (llc) servers. It WILL use data if you are not connected to a WiFi network when a crash report is generated. If you are not okay with this, DO NOT install this application. If you want to install this application, you can disable/enable it in settings once installed.

These crash reports might be very helpful in releasing the new jailbreaks for iOS 5.1. Apple is going to release iOS 5.1 soon to fix battery life of iPhone 4S, which was highly criticized. So, sending these crash reports will help developers to find an exploit to jailbreak the iOS 5.1.

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