Cat Playing Fruit Ninja on iPad [Amazing Video]

By  at Sunday, January 01, 2012  

There are many amazing videos on world's largest video network,YouTube of the pets doing different things other than the drinking milk or eating some meat. Today, we came across such an amazing video of a cat playing fruit Ninja on world's best tablet, iPad.

Fruit Ninja, just like Angry Birds, is a very simple and popular game which has been released on different platforms Like iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone 7 and even on the XBox. This game has very simple game play and is highly addictive. The target of a player is to cut different Fruits so in the video posted below a cat cut fruits.Well, the cat played pretty well and scored 128 which is more than many players of Fruit Ninja.

If you haven't played this game yet, you can get the fruit Ninja HD for your iPad from iTunes for just $2.99 and this awesome game totally worth this amount. Well, a new version of this game was released about some moths ago. You can also get the Fruit Ninja: Puss in the Boot from iTunes for $0.99.

We at limera1n  love such kind of videos. What do you think about this little monster playing game on the iPad? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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