36% of iPhone 4S Users are From Other Platforms

By  at Wednesday, January 25, 2012  

iPhone 4S, the most amazing iPhone yet, became one of the most popular devices. Apple sold maximum iPhone 4S numbers in the first quarter. No doubt, the perfect camera and amazing Siri is the cause of the popularity of this device. However, iPhone 4S has the same design as iPhone 4 does, so many people were thinking that Apple will drop its market share by the end of this year.

But the results were utterly opposite, iPhone 4S has increased the Apple’s market share. A recent report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has unveiled the details about users who bought iPhone 4S. Surprisingly, 21% iPhone 4S users adopted the high-end 64 GB model. While 36% iPhone users came from other Platforms like Android, Blackberry, Symbian or other OS.

If we talk about the ported users, RIM is probably the most affected Smartphone Company. Android is also suffering because some users ported to iOS platform from it. Are you a user from another platform? If yes, why did you join Apple? We are curious to know about the secret. Let us know in the comments section below.
(via Appleinsider)

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