Steve Jobs Tribute Calender App Got Rejected by Apple

By  at Saturday, December 31, 2011  

Out of the tens of millions fans of Steve Jobs, Nushka Labs tried to pay tribute in a different way by creating a photo-calender app of Steve Jobs.

App Developer said that the 'Tribute Calender' was rejected by Apple App Store with remarks that:
"we appreciate your efforts honoring Steve. However we have decided to honor his life in other ways and will are accepting these types of apps."
Nushka Labs is known to develop this app (PhotoCalender HD) which allows users to import their own pictures in calender thus making them photo-calender. Calender photos created with this app can then be sent to friends or shared socially.

App developer, on his blog, said that they normally sell their apps at a price tag of $1 but this tribute was going to be free of cost, so developer had no intention of generating some bucks in the name of Steve Jobs, but who knows what is the intention behind rejecting such app by Apple App Store testing team.

As the official response from App Store team states that they are not accepting "these types of apps" thus making clear that any other submissions in this regard will not be entertained. So may be they want to tribute the legend by themselves which is good in a sense that handling such apps may result into something unforeseen as we have already seen people going emotional about Steve.

App Developer shared the image, showing rejection response from Apple App Store team, on his Tumblr. Also they have urged to honor Jobs through Remembering Steve Jobs or by sending your message to

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