Set Up Safe Email For Your Child on iPad And iPod Touch

By  at Tuesday, December 06, 2011  

Parents often are uncertain while taking the decision to give their children access to the gadgets like iPad or iPod touch and especially while allowing their children to use email but in a safe and secure manner. I would suggest use of Hotmail for your children reason being it’s strict parental control.

You may set up the email as explained below:


2.Then go to Sign Up option.

3.Username should be a combination of letters and numbers.

4.Password must be known to you only and should be strong enough so as not to be easily guessed or cracked up.

5.Alternate email should be yours i.e the parents’.

6.Provide as less information as possible.

7.Click Profile > Privacy Settings > Advanced.

8.Set up all privacy options to the maximum.

9.Go to dropdown menu of Options and choose More Options.

10.Better to select the option ‘Exclusive’ as this will direct every email to Junk except for safe senders then click Save.

11.Go to Safe and Blocked senders, click on Safe Senders.

12.Safe Senders list as the name indicates includes those familiar names whom you trust completely e.g dad or siblings etc. Click them to add to the list.

13.Send an email via the web interface to ensure proper set up.

Once done, email account is ready to be added to the child’s iPad or iPod touch and also add to your own as well either to your iPhone or iOS in order to monitor what’s coming in and going out and may take precautionary measures accordingly.

In order to refrain your child from doing any changes, try to go to Settings > Restrictions on your child’s iOS device and toggle allow changes > Accounts > Don’t Allow Changes.

It’s not a foolproof plan though and if your child is too young you may not allow him to use this service but in case you really want them to know and learn and use then I think this is the best setup I have ever found.

If anyone has a better suggestion, please share with us through your comments.

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