Microsoft Kinect 2 in the Works, Will Lip Read and Determine Emotional States

By  at Friday, December 02, 2011  

There is just no doubt about Microsoft’s Kinect success, the success which is still reigning. Within the first two months of its launch its sales were well above one million, making it one of the highest selling electronic gadgets of all times.

It also supported XBOX 360 in becoming number one gaming portal. With such impressive features already, there is still more to come. They have a lot of promises still to be fulfilled and when they are fulfilled, Kincet is going to become even more popular and break its own records just the way Activation outdoes its own records with Call of Duty. is promising to bring to you the next Kincet product with an improved hardware which would also lip-read and be able to assess your mood.

The original Kincet was launched towards the end of last year and since it’s a USB-based device it had a limitation which was that its depth sensor had an artificial limit of 30 FPS while its resolution was limited to 320 x 240. However Kincet 2 will come with any such limitations eliminated from the system and will be sold with Xbox console and is hoped to be out by 2013.

Also, the sources reveal Kincet 2 could be attached to any number of technologies which would take the date straight to the processor and main RAM and ask you to command it as to what do you want it to do? Not only this, but the reporter tells that the new Kincet will be able to detect the pitch and volume of human speech and also various facial expressions.

All this information is revealed by sources because Microsoft declines to say a word about it yet. Also the rumor has it, that Microsoft will be launching two consoles next, one completely entertainment-based and the other for gaming only.

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