iPhone 4S Users Report 96% Satisfaction Rate

By  at Thursday, December 01, 2011  

A survey has revealed that 96 percent of the people who have bought the new iPhone 4S are satisfied with their phone. 77 percent of the users surveyed confirmed that they are “Very Satisfied” 19 percent of the people are “Barely Satisfied”. As compared to its predecessor the satisfaction rate of the iPhone 4S has improved. However it is important to note that only 215 people took part in the survey made by Changewave.

iPhone 4S users have rated their smartphones even better than the model released prior to iPhone 4S. the credit undoubtedly goes to SIRI and Apple’s awesome marketing technique. SIRI was rated as the top feature of the iPhone 4S by 49% of the users. User-friendly being the second favorite followed by improved camera results.

iPhone 4S had a number of issues for example the battery problem which was reported by a large number of users. Apple tried to fix the battery issue with the iOS 5.01 update but still the issue wasn’t completely fixed. When asked about the issue about 8 percent of the users said that it was a big problem and 20 percent called it “somewhat a problem”. Despite of this and some other known flaws and issues in the iPhone 4S Apple announced that they had sold 4 million units in the opening week in October and according to another news 75% of Apple retail stores were sold out of the iPhone 4S on the Black Friday. Special thanks to siri – The personal assistant for this exploding sales of the Smartphone.

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