iPhone 4S Raised Apple Smartphone Marketshare to 29%

By  at Friday, December 30, 2011  

Apple introduced iPhone 4S in October at Let's talk iPhone event. It was criticized too much because it featured the same design as it preceded iPhone 4 had. However, it also has better processor, improved camera and Amazing personal assistant, Siri. There were many controversies behind the popularity of this Phone,because at some places it was added in the list of biggest flops of 2011 while on the other side it became the most selling Smartphone in a quarter.

However, according to recent survey by comScore, iPhone 4S has successfully raised Apple's Smartphone market share to 29%. From August to November, a significant raise of about 1.4% has been seen in the Apple's market share.

Apple's Smartphone marketshare before the release of iPhone 4S were 27.3% but after the release of it, they increased to 28.7%. Similarly, Android market although is progressing, but it slowed down from 4.4% to 3.1%. While Rim's Blackberry as usually decreased their Smartphone market share which are approximately equal to what Google gained in the smart Phone market.

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