iOS Apps on Apple TV - [Video]

By  at Saturday, December 31, 2011  

Seems like developers here are moving one step ahead of Apple by managing to run iOS apps on Apple TV. Though in initial stages, but two developers - Steven Troughton-Smith and TheMudKip who have been working on porting iOS apps to Apple TV have finally shown video demonstration.


One of the main feature which users would be able to enjoy is running multiple apps side by side. So now you can check news feed at one side while on the other hand go through your twitter timeline or whatever combination that suits you the most.

The developers said that they had to rewrite the whole springboard to be able to introduce this new interface of running side by side applications. Who knows what other features would be added in a stable yet public release of this miracle.

It merits mentioning here that may be Apple itself had plans to do this sometime later but that is just to beat about the bush at the moment but bringing iOS to Apple TV is a solid argument in this regard, isn't it?
(Via 9to5mac)

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