Installing Siri on iPhone 4 Significant Progress

By  at Friday, December 16, 2011  

Installing Siri on iPhone 4 has a significant progress. One of the bigger pieces of news coming today from the key-person of iPhone Dev-team, MuscleNerd. As most of you know that Apple released today a tweaked version of iOS 5.0.1 for iPhone 4S only, with minor updates. But from hackers' vision, iOS 5.0.1 new build has opened the horizon for porting Siri to iPhone 4 legally, let's see what MuscleNerd said after the jump.

MuscleNerd (1st tweet):'s 4S 5.0.1 bump (9A406) has wide open main fs
MuscleNerd (2nd tweet replying to someone) :
it's the first public 4S ipsw where the main filesystem keys are obtainable (due to non-encrypted ramdisks)
MuscleNerd (3rd tweet to clarify) :
(to clarify: wide open for inspection from a Mac/PC...not wide open security wise :) Can get Siri files and such without piracy)
MuscleNerd is announcing that the new decrypted ramdisks in iOS 5.0.1 new build will allow them to write simple script to legally extract the needed files to port Siri to iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G, 3G without the need of such jailbreak apps like H1siri that may violate your privacy.

It may be a techy words, so we can say in simple words that porting Siri to iDevices became very promising. You can follow Limera1n on Google+ to get all update once they come. Stay tuned.

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